Speedo Swimming Silicone Competition Nose Clip With Neck Strap

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Experience swim comfort with our Adjustable Silicone Nose Clip. Secure fit, customizable design for enhanced water activities. Your perfect companion for a confident swim.


Adjustable Silicone Nose Clip for Optimal Swim Comfort


In the heart of Amman, embrace aquatic excellence with our Speedo Silicone Nose Clip. This innovative swim gear ensures a comfortable and secure fit for enthusiasts of all levels.

Adjustable Comfort:

Begin your swimming journey with the Customizable Silicon Nose Clamp, offering a personalized fit tailored to your comfort. Dive confidently, knowing the Variable Fit Silicone Nose Protector ensures a snug and secure experience.

Enhanced Performance:

Introducing the Adjustable Swim Nose Plug, a game-changer for water enthusiasts. Navigate effortlessly through strokes, benefiting from the Silicone Nose Clip with Adaptability. Modify-able Nose Guard for Swimming allows you to adapt your gear to different water activities.

Versatile Design:

Explore the pool with the Versatile Silicone Nose Clasp, an essential companion for competitive swimmers. This Olympiad Sports nose clip provides a superior swimming experience, balancing comfort and performance.


Embark on your aquatic adventure equipped with the Olympiad Sports Silicone Nose Clip. Whether you’re a lap swimmer or a water sports enthusiast, our nose clip ensures a tailored fit for every stroke in the vibrant waters of Amman, Jordan.


  • Frame: Strap100% stainless steel | Coating: 100% Latex.
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