Whale Diving Swim Training Hand Paddle, Frog Finger Shape With Adjustable Silicone Strap

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Maximize your swim training with StreamlinePro Paddles. Adjustable design, silicone straps, and hydrodynamic construction for optimal speed and comfort. Elevate your aquatic performance today!


Adjustable Swim Training Paddles: Elevate Your Swim Performance

Discover the next level of swim training with our Adjustable Swim Training Paddles. Designed for water sports enthusiasts in Amman, Jordan, these paddles offer a customizable and versatile approach to improving your swim skills.

Customizable Swim Development:

Achieve your swimming goals with our Customizable Swimming Instruction Fins. The variable design allows you to tailor your aquatic training to your specific needs, enhancing your swim skills with every stroke.

Adaptable Aquatic Excellence:

Experience the Variable Swim Skill Paddles, providing adaptability for swimmers of all levels. These paddles adjust effortlessly, ensuring a personalized training experience that focuses on technique and speed improvement.

Optimal Hydrodynamic Design:

Our Adaptable Aquatic Training Tools feature modifyable water exercise paddles crafted with precision from PP+TPR materials. The hydrodynamic construction ensures optimal speed and efficiency, essential for competitive swimmers and enthusiasts alike.

Tailored for Comfort and Performance:

Explore the Tailorable Swim Development Gear, incorporating silicone straps for a secure fit. The adjustable swim paddles provide comfort during extended swim sessions, making them an ideal choice for both training and leisure.


In conclusion, our Swimming Training Paddles redefine swim training, offering flexible and efficient tools to enhance your aquatic performance. Invest in your swimming journey today and experience the difference in Amman, Jordan.


  • Material: PP+ TPR.
  • Colour: Blue, Yellow.
  • Size: S (19cm x 13cm) , L (22cm x 15cm)
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