Liphs Kids Swimming Goggles With Alphabet Design

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Liph’s ABC Kids Swim Goggles provide stylish and UV-protected eyewear for young swimmers. The alphabetical design adds a playful touch, ensuring a clear and fun swim experience.


Alphabetical Kids Swim Goggles

In the vibrant world of kids’ swim gear, experience the epitome of style and safety with Liph’s Alphabetical Kids Swim Goggles. Dive into the pool with confidence and flair, as your little ones explore the aquatic wonders.


Kids Alphabet Swim Goggles:

Embark on a journey of aquatic exploration with our Alphabetical Kids Swim Goggles. Crafted with precision, these goggles showcase an engaging alphabet design, making every swim an educational and delightful experience.

Fashionable and UV-Protected:

Designed for young swimmers in Amman, these goggles effortlessly blend fashion and functionality. The UV-protected lenses ensure crystal-clear vision, shielding young eyes from the sun’s rays during Olympiad sports and play.

Adjustable and Secure:

Crafted with a silicon adjustable head strap, these goggles offer a snug fit for every young adventurer. The attached ear plugs add an extra layer of convenience, making them an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor swimming alike.

Alphabet Design Youth Swim Eyewear:

Our goggles go beyond mere functionality; they are a fashion statement. The Alphabet Design Youth Swim Eyewear brings together style and safety for a dynamic and engaging swim experience.


In conclusion, Liph’s ABC Kids Swim Goggles stand out as the ideal choice for parents seeking a perfect blend of fashion and functionality for their young Olympiad enthusiasts. Elevate the swim experience in Jordan with our fashionable and UV-protected eyewear.


  • Anti-fog lens design.
  • Silicon adjustable head strap.
  • Color: comes in multiple colors.



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