15M Battle Rope: Full-Body Strength Training

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Elevate fitness with the Olympiad Sleeved Battle Rope, perfect for upper body conditioning. This 38mm x 15m rope is versatile for indoor or outdoor use. Complete with accessories for a full-body strength experience


** Battle Rope Full-body Strength
: A Dynamic Workout Essential**

**1. Heavy-duty Exercise Rope for Intense Workouts:**
– Crafted for robust, high-intensity sessions.
– Perfect for Upper Body Conditioning with Battle Ropes.
– Targets arms, shoulders, back, abdominals, and chest.

**2. Endurance and Strength Building Equipment:**
– Diameter: 38mm, Length: 15m for a balanced workout.
– Ideal Battle Rope Set for Explosive Workouts.
– Heat shrink handles for a comfortable, secure grip.

**3. Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Fitness Rope:**
– Suitable for all environments in Amman or Jordan.
– Durable polyester Dacron material ensures longevity.
– Protective ends prevent fraying, ensuring durability.

**4. Inclusive Accessories for Enhanced Workouts:**
– Professional Gloves for added grip during conditioning.
– Headband for sweat absorption during workouts.
– Stable Anchor, anchor straps, and bolts for versatility.

**5. Perfect Exercise Tool for Overall Fitness:**
– Improves muscle strength, body balance, and core strength.
– Complete workout set includes BATTLE ROPE WORKOUT POSTER.
– Ideal for both indoor and outdoor fitness routines in Amman or Jordan.

Invest in the **Battle Rope Full-body Strength** and experience a new level of fitness with this Armored Battle Rope, designed for explosive workouts, endurance, and strength building, whether you’re in Amman, Jordan, or any other location.

Battle Rope Full-body Strength

  • Material : 100% Poly Dacron
  • Diameter : 3.81 cm ( 1.5 in )
  • Length : 15.24 m ( 50 ft )
  • Weight: 9 kilograms
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