Bestway Junior Swim Guardian

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Ensure your child’s safety with the Bestway Kids Swimming Vest. Adjustable buckles and sleeves provide a secure fit. Durable oxford fabric and attractive graphics make swimming fun.


Adjustable Kids Swimming Vest

Introduction: Enhance your child’s swimming experience with the Bestway Kids Swimming Vest, a reliable and adjustable safety solution for young swimmers. Crafted from durable oxford fabric, this vest offers a secure fit with adjustable buckles and straps, ensuring complete mobility in the water.

Key Features:

  • Stylish Design: The vest features an attractive graphic design, making it visually appealing for children and encouraging them to wear it willingly.


  • Material: Durable oxford fabric
  • Age Range: 3-6 years
  • Weight Capacity: 18-30 kg
  • Colour Options: Green, Pink

Versatile and Comfortable: Perfect for beach outings or pool sessions, the Bestway Kids Swimming Vest provides complete mobility and comfort. The adjustable design ensures a snug fit, allowing your child to enjoy swimming and water play without restrictions.

Invest in your child’s aquatic adventures with the Bestway Kids Swimming Vest.

Conclusion: Prioritize your child’s safety and enjoyment in the water with the Bestway Kids Swimming Vest. Stylish, adjustable, and durable, it’s the perfect companion for aquatic adventures in Amman, Jordan, and beyond.

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