Bestway Rapid Rider Duo Lounge

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Hydro Force Bestway Rapid Rider 2 Side: Enjoy relaxing fun on the water with this 2-seater float featuring puncture-resistant material, cup holders, heavy-duty handles, and comfortable backrests.


Hydro Force Bestway Rapid Rider 2 Side: Unleash Water Fun for Two!

Introduction: Discover aquatic enjoyment. This 2-seater inflatable float promises unparalleled relaxation on the water, combining safety, comfort, and premium features.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Build: Crafted from Inflate-Shield puncture-resistant material for durability.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Two built-in cup holders and mesh bottom for a leisurely experience.


  • Size: 2.40 M x 1.22 M x 50 CM
  • Capacity: Supports up to 180kg

On-the-Water Luxury: Ideal for sun-soaked days, this float boasts premium construction with two backrests for added comfort.

Versatile Enjoyment: Perfect for family outings or a relaxing day with friends, accommodates up to 180kg. Its innovative design caters to various water activities, ensuring everyone can enjoy the aquatic experience.

Amman, Jordan Adventure: Bring the Hydro Force Bestway Rapid Rider 2 Side to Amman, Jordan, for a water adventure like no other. Elevate your aquatic escapades with this inflatable marvel, combining quality and excitement for all water enthusiasts.

Dive into relaxation and enjoyment with this inflatable float, designed to enhance every aquatic adventure.

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