Solar Power Bike Headlight

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Solar Power Bike Headlight


Solar power USB led bike bicycle front light rechargeable headlight with horn. USB interface for quick charging and convenient charging is equipped with a rubber protection sleeve to prevent dust and rain from entering the automatic power cut off the interface.


  • The dual charging mode lasts for a long time, while the solar /USB charging mode lasts for a long time.
  • Three light modes, click the switch to switch the light mode according to the road conditions.
  • Large floodlight illumination range-wide floodlight angle irradiation distance the longest range can be up to about 200 meters, you can see the distance more clearly and ride safely.
  • 1-second quick disassembly convenient quick use of rubber strap can be easily installed on the bike without tools.
  • Loudspeaker. 
  • Material: abs + silicone strap.

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