Rubber Flower and Bubble Design Swim Cap With Chlorine Resistant Perfect for Water Activities

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Dive into style with our Chlorine-Resistant Floral Swim Cap. Designed for water activities, this rubberized headgear combines fashion with durability for your aquatic adventures.


Chlorine-Resistant Floral Swim Cap for Stylish Water Adventures

Discover the perfect blend of fashion and function with our Chlorine-Resistant Floral Swim Cap. Crafted for water activities, this headgear embodies durability and style.

Make a splash with our exclusive Rubber Swim Cap, a must-have for water enthusiasts in Amman, Jordan. Dive into the essence of floral elegance combined with cutting-edge technology.

Chlorine-Resistant Technology:

Embrace worry-free swims with our cap’s advanced chlorine-resistant features. The Flower and Bubble design adds a touch of flair, ensuring you stand out in every aquatic setting.

Water-Friendly Design:

Engineered for versatile water activities, this headgear is your go-to companion for aquatic sports. The Bubble Pattern not only adds charm but also enhances hydrodynamics.

Rubberized Durability:

Experience lasting comfort with our Rubberized Floral Cap. The rubber material ensures a snug fit and optimal durability for extended use in various water sports.

Bubble Pattern Innovation:

The Bubble Pattern Swim Headwear isn’t just stylish – it’s a functional innovation. It reduces drag, making it ideal for competitive swimming and casual water adventures alike.


Amman, Jordan’s Premier Swim Accessory is here — where fashion meets the waves.


  • Multi Designs : Flower – Bubbles.
  • Colour: Blue- Pink – White- Black.


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