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Elevate your home gym with the Dual Functional Smith Machine, an all-in-one fitness marvel that redefines your strength training journey. Crafted for durability and versatility all within the comfort of your home.


Smith Machine strength fitness equipment for home and commercial use, Also It combines a smith machine, functional trainer and squat rack all in one.
Elevate your home gym experience with the Dual Functional Smith Machine,
a powerhouse of versatility and innovation that takes your strength training to a whole new level.
the advantages of a traditional Smith machine with additional functionalities to provide a comprehensive workout experience.
Whether you’re looking to build muscle, improve endurance, or tone your body, this machine has you covered.


  • Pull-up
  • Rope bottom chest exercise
  • Rope middle chest exercise
  • Rope top chest exercise
  • Rope reverse pull exercise
  • Standing rope curl exercise
  • Handle side lift exercise


  • Rubber plate (total 120kg) :(20kg pair15kg pair10kg pair5kg 2pair2.5kg 2pair), Weights 100kgs stacks.
  • Olympic bar standard 20kg.
  • Adjustable bench (incline – flat).
  • Commercial grade solid steel frame with high tensile bolts, nylon locks nuts & hardware.
  • Linear bearing counter balanced smith bar with safeties & lock collars included.
  • Dual cable adjustable functional trainer.
  • Ball bearing pulleys and strength cables.
  • Multi grip chin up bar & removable dip handles.
  • Adjustable j hooks & spotting arms for free weight training.
  • 6 weight storage pegs, torso trainer and row handle included:
    also Lat pulldown, straight functional bar, 2 x single handles, t bar row attachments.
  • Dimensions:1730*2010*2230mm.


Note: The price includes delivery inside Amman.

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