Versatile Fitness Agility Quick Hurdles 5PCS

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Enhance speed and agility with our Durable Agility Hurdles. Perfect for footwork drills, these lightweight PVC hurdles are ideal for athletes seeking quickness and total body control exercises.


Achieve peak athletic performance with our “Durable Agility Hurdles Training” equipment. Ideal for Olympiad sports enthusiasts in Amman, Jordan, these hurdles are designed for Sturdy Quick Hurdles Workouts and Robust Speed Training Barriers.

Enhance your training regimen with Long-lasting Footwork Drill Gear. Our Tough Lightweight Agility Tools are perfect for athletes seeking total body control exercises. Enduring Coordination Exercise Equipment facilitates efficient knee lift training, improving quickness and coordination.

In Amman, Jordan, athletes trust our Resilient Knee Lift Training Devices to boost leaping ability and foot speed. The focus keyphrase “Durable Agility Hurdles Training” defines our commitment to providing durable PVC hurdles for comprehensive fitness routines.

Invest in the best—gear that stands the test. Elevate your training with our Agility Hurdles, the ultimate choice for Olympiad sports enthusiasts in Amman, Jordan. Achieve excellence, surpass limits.


  • Adjustable Height: from 20cm to 30cm
  • Set of: 5 PCS
  • Hurdle legs rotate inward for easy storage



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