Intex Easy Set Ocean Pool

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Intex EasySet Ocean Pool offers effortless setup, 253-gallon capacity, and includes a repair patch. Perfect for family fun, it’s your hassle-free gateway to summer joy.


Easy Setup Ocean Pool

Intex EasySet Ocean Pool: Effortless Fun for All Ages

Introduction: Welcome to the Intex EasySet Ocean Pool, where setting up fun is as easy as a breeze. Designed for families in Amman, this pool brings the joy of the ocean to your backyard.


Effortless Setup, Abundant Fun: Experience the convenience of an easy setup with the Intex Snapset Pool. Its 1.83m x 38cm size ensures an ocean of playroom for kids and adults alike.

Quick Assembly, Hassle-Free Maintenance: Setting up this pool is a breeze, allowing you to dive into joy in no time. The 253-gallon capacity ensures ample water for your aquatic adventures. The included repair patch adds longevity to your splashy fun.

Versatile Family Entertainment: Ideal for ages 3 and up, the EasySet Ocean Pool is a versatile addition to your summer activities. Create lasting memories of family laughter and refreshing splashes under the Amman sun.


  • Capacity: 253 gallons
  • Approximate set-up size: 1.83m x 38cm

Conclusion: Make every summer unforgettable with the Intex EasySet Ocean Pool. Effortless setup, ample playroom, and hassle-free maintenance – your gateway to family fun in Amman. Order yours today!



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