Bestway FlexiSwim Foam Noodles

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Bestway FlexiSwim Noodles: Lightweight, colourful sticks for kids’ swimming and water gymnastics. Made of flexible polyethylene foam with protective fabric covers. Size: 122cm, Diameter: 6cm.


Flexible Kids Swimming Noodles

Bestway FlexiSwim Noodles: Your Kids’ Water Fun Companion

Introduction: Dive into joyous aquatic adventures with Bestway FlexiSwim Noodles. Crafted for kids’ swimming and water gymnastics, these flexible sticks are made of lightweight polyethylene foam, providing both safety and entertainment.

Key Features:

1. Flexibility for Fun: The FlexiSwim Noodles offer a flexible and safe option for kids’ swimming, making water gymnastics enjoyable and stress-free.

2. Colorful and Lightweight: Designed with vibrant colors and lightweight materials, these noodles add a playful touch to your child’s aquatic experience.

3. Protective Fabric Covers: Wrapped in protective fabric covers, these noodles ensure durability and long-lasting water fun for your little ones.


  • Size: 122cm
  • Diameter: 6cm
  • Weight Capacity: 30-60 kg
  • Material: Polyethylene Foam with Fabric Cover
  • Color: Various Color Options

Perfect for Aqua Aerobics in Amman, Jordan: FlexiSwim Noodles are not just for kids; adults can enjoy aqua aerobics or leisurely relaxation by placing them under during daily swims in Amman, Jordan.

Conclusion: Enhance your water adventures with Bestway FlexiSwim Noodles. Lightweight, colorful, and flexible, these swimming companions guarantee endless aquatic fun for both kids and adults. Order now and make a splash!

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