Hula Hoop Stainless Steel 95cm

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Hula Hoop Stainless Steel 95cm


95cm detachable weight lost stainless steel foam hula hoop, weighted hula hoop is used by adults. The hula hoop is used for weight loss and home training it can be disassembled into 8 sections for easy storage and transportation. This soft adult hula hoop is designed to protect the abs and waist.


  • Material: high quality stainless steel tube+ abs foam.
  • Adjust the weight freely: you can increase the exercise amount (1-4kg adjustable) according to your own conditions to meet different needs by adding beans, grain, sand, etc. To the steel pipe hula hoop.
  • The hula hoop is made up of 8 sections with hidden buttons that are easy to disassemble, store and carry. 
  • Diameter: 95cm . 
  • Weight: 1.2kg.
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