Intex Summertime Bliss Flamingo Float

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Enjoy pool time with the Intex Giant Inflatable Flamingo Float. Designed for adults, it boasts sturdy handles, two air chambers, and a repair patch for endless summer fun.


Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float

Dive into summer fun with the Intex Giant Inflatable Flamingo Float. This stylish pool accessory is designed for adults, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and enjoyment.


  • Length: 203 cm
  • Width: 196 cm
  • Height: 124 cm
  • Capacity: 200kg max


  1. Sturdy Design: Equipped with two handles and two air chambers, ensuring stability and safety in the pool.
  2. Convenient Repair: Comes with a repair patch for quick fixes, extending the life of your inflatable flamingo.

Stylish Pool Companion:

Unleash your summer spirit with this giant flamingo float, designed to make a statement in any pool. The vibrant design adds flair to your water adventures.

Ideal for Adults:

Tailored for adults, this float offers a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The spacious dimensions allow you to relax and soak up the sun.

Amman, Jordan:

Elevate your pool experience in Amman, Jordan, Embrace the summer vibes and make a splash with this must-have accessory.


In conclusion, the Intex Giant Inflatable Flamingo Float is not just a pool accessory; it’s a statement piece for summer. Dive in and enjoy the ultimate blend of style and relaxation.

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