Tesmay Islamic Womens Burkini Swimsuit With Front Zipper

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Explore our collection of modest swimwear tailored for Muslim women. Discover a range of styles, including islamic swimsuit and burkinies. Find your ideal muslim women swimwear here.


Islamic Womens Burkini Swimsuit With Zipper

Our website offers a wide range of swimwear options to meet the modesty requirements of Muslim women. We have various modest swimwear choices designed for their discerning preferences, including Islamic swimwear, burkinis, and full-coverage swimwear that strike a perfect balance between comfort and modesty.
We present to you Our Islamic Womens Burkini Swimsuit With Zipper is suitable for Hijabi women, the swimsuit is made out of the finest material which makes it comfortable, easy to wear,  and to move in while swimming. This swim clothing comes with and the pants are made out of a lycra fabric with a top front zipper.
Explore our website and discover the perfect modest swimsuits and Islamic beach attire that match your style and values. Your ideal beach and poolside experience starts here, where fashion meets modesty.


Swimsuits consist of four parts:

  • Top.
  • Swimming pants.
  • Bonnet with a scarf.


  • Color: Black .
  • Size: S – 2XL.
  • UV-Protective Burkini ensures sun safety

Due to hygiene reasons, this item is not returnable/exchangeable.

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