JAVA Furia 29″ Full-Suspension Mountain Bike MTB

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Unleash your off road adventures with the JAVA Furia Mountain Bike. Its dual suspension, precise Shimano gears, and robust build ensure un forgettable experiences on challenging terrains.


 JAVA Furia Mountain Bike: Your Amman, Jordan Off-Road Adventure Partner

Introducing the JAVA Furia Mountain Bicycle—an off-road gem crafted to conquer the rugged trails of Amman, Jordan and beyond. This dual-suspension masterpiece redefines off-road biking, ensuring exceptional performance and unforgettable experiences.

Key Features:

  • Durability: The Furia’s robust frame promises endurance on harsh terrains, ensuring remarkable longevity.
  • Smooth Gear Shifting: Experience seamless transitions with Shimano components for effortless uphill and downhill rides.
  • Comfortable Ride: Dual-suspension provides a smooth journey, effectively absorbing shocks on challenging trails.
  • Versatile Traction: All-terrain tires offer out standing grip on various surfaces.
  • Safety First: although Reliable disc brakes that guarantee quick also precise stops.

Explore with Confidence:

The JAVA Furia Mountain Bike empowers you to confidently explore diverse Amman and Jordan landscapes. Conquer steep hills, rocky paths, and challenging trails to discover the region’s natural beauty and rich history.


With the JAVA Furia bicycle as your trusted companion, every ride trans-forms into an exhilarating journey. Conquer Amman’s diverse terrains and beyond, redefine your limits, and embrace true freedom. java bicycle cycling bike.



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