Foam Water Gun Toy With High-Pressure Aqua Pump

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Drench summer days in laughter with our Kids Sponge Water Blaster. High-pump action for ultimate fun. Perfect for pool, beach, and outdoor play!


Welcome to the ultimate water adventure with our “Kids Sponge Water Blaster Olympiad.” This high-powered water blaster is designed for endless fun under the sun in Amman, Jordan.

Children’s Foam Water Shooter Mastery: Unleash the joy of youth with this expertly crafted Kids Sponge Water Blaster. The Olympiad sports a high-pressure pump, ensuring an unparalleled water squirt experience.

Kid-Friendly Sponge Wonder:

Safety is our priority. This youth water squirt toy features a soft sponge design, making it perfect for kids’ water play. Dive into outdoor summer water play with confidence.

Beach Foam Water Blaster Extravaganza:

Take the excitement to the beach! Our Kid-Friendly Sponge Water Gun is a beach foam water blaster that elevates seaside fun. Dive into waves of laughter and cool splashes.

Poolside Kids Water Toy Adventure:

Create lasting memories poolside. Our Olympiad water blaster is a poolside kids’ water toy, guaranteeing hours of aquatic amusement. Let the outdoor water games begin!

In conclusion, our Kids Sponge Water Blaster Olympiad is the epitome of outdoor summer water play. Whether on the beach, by the pool, or in your backyard in Amman, Jordan, this water blaster guarantees Olympian levels of fun. Choose safety, choose excitement—choose our Kid-Friendly Sponge Water Gun.


  • High-pressure water pump
  • Soft sponge material for safety
  • Suitable for children’s water play
  • Perfect for beach and poolside adventures

Experience the thrill of the Olympiad with our Foam Water Gun—your ticket to a summer filled with laughter and outdoor water activities for kids!

  • Material: Plastic, Covered Eva foam.
  • Multi colors.
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