Head Carbon Elite Squash Racket

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Introducing our Lightweight Carbon Squash Racket, a versatile choice for both beginners and pros. With its 125g frame and powerful performance, it’s a game-changer on the court


  • Introducing the Lightweight Carbon Squash Racket in Amman, Jordan – the game-changing choice for squash enthusiasts. Crafted with cutting-edge carbon technology, this racket offers incredible power and agility.

    Product Features:

    • Ultra-Lightweight Design: Weighing only 125g, this racket provides unmatched manoeuvrability on the court.
    • High Net Carbon Technology: Our advanced carbon construction enhances your gameplay with precision and strength.
    • Versatile for All Skill Levels: Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, this racket caters to your skill level.
    • Balanced Performance: The heavy head balance ensures both power and control, giving you an edge on the court.
    • Generous Head Size: With a 495 square inch head, you’ll hit your shots with confidence.
    • Customizable Tension: Tailor your game with adjustable tension options of 11/13 kg or 24/29 pounds.

    In Amman, Jordan, our Lightweight Carbon Squash Racket is a top choice for players seeking an edge in their performance. Its cutting-edge carbon technology and versatile design make it ideal for players of all levels. The heavy head balance offers both power and control, while the generous head size provides a forgiving sweet spot.

    For beginners, this racket is easy to handle, and for professionals, it offers the precision they demand. Whether you’re looking to dominate the court or improve your game, our racket delivers power, agility, and the edge you need. Try the Lightweight Carbon Squash Racket in Amman, Jordan, and elevate your squash game today.

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