Liphs Kids Goggles With Attached Ear Plugs

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Keep your kids safe and comfortable in the pool with Liphs Kids Goggles With Attached Ear Plugs. Designed for young swimmers for enhanced protection and convenience.


Liphs F1300 Kids Goggles

Introduction: Introducing the Liphs F1300 Kids Goggles with Attached Earplugs, designed to provide safety and comfort for young swimmers in Amman, Jordan.



  • Choose from a variety of vibrant colors including Navy Blue, Violet, Light Blue, Pink, White, and Purple, ensuring a stylish look for every child.


  • Adjustable head strap allows for a customized fit, accommodating children of all ages and sizes.

Product Description:

Comfortable and Secure Fit:

  • The Liphs Kids Goggles feature an adjustable head strap, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for children of all ages. With the best quality materials, these goggles are designed to prevent slipping and provide maximum comfort during swimming sessions.

Integrated Earplugs:

  • Say goodbye to lost earplugs! These goggles come with attached earplugs, providing convenience and ensuring that young swimmers are protected from water entering their ears.

Ideal for Children:

  • Whether they’re splashing in the pool or swimming laps, these goggles are perfect for kids. The durable construction and adjustable design make them suitable for children of all skill levels.

Conclusion: Equip your child with the Liphs F1300 Kids Goggles With Attached Earplugs for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience in Amman, Jordan. With adjustable sizing, vibrant colors, and integrated earplugs, these goggles offer comfort, security, and peace of mind for parents and children alike.

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