HUA-YI Reflective Vision Adults Swim Goggles

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Elevate your swim experience with our Mirror Lens UV Goggles. Enjoy clear vision, anti-fog protection, and UV resistance in one stylish, comfortable design for all adults.


Explore Ultimate Clarity with Mirror Lens UV Goggles

Embark on an unparalleled aquatic adventure with our Mirror Lens UV Goggles, designed for adults seeking superior vision in every stroke.

Crystal-Clear Vision in Any Swim

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Amman with our Mirror Lens UV Goggles, ensuring UV protection and anti-fog technology for an optimal swim experience.

  • Enjoy UV Shield Swim Eyewear: Our goggles shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, making them ideal for the sunny days in Jordan.
  • Reflective Lens Adult Goggles: The reflective lenses not only provide a sleek look but also enhance visibility, allowing you to navigate the waters effortlessly.
  • Anti-fog UV Swim Gear: Say goodbye to foggy lenses. Our goggles feature advanced anti-fog technology, maintaining clarity during every swim.


: Comfortable Fit, Stylish Design

Indulge in comfort with an adjustable head strap and a rear headband. The rubber head strap ensures a snug yet comfortable fit, making these goggles perfect for any adult.

Goggles with Reflective Lenses:

The mirrored coating adds a touch of style while reducing glare, ensuring you look good and see well in the vibrant aquatic environment.

: One Size Fits All – Perfect for Jordanian Swimmers

Designed to fit all adults, our Mirror Lens UV Goggles cater to the diverse community of swimmers in Amman. Adjustability meets style for a swim like never before.

: Unmatched Performance for Amman’s Swimmers

In conclusion, our UV-protected swim goggles redefine your aquatic experience in Amman. Dive in confidently, knowing you have the best in style, comfort, and performance


  • Adjustable straps size .
  • Colour: Lake Blue/ Grey/ Pink.
  • Indoor/ Outdoor.
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