Novwell Official Size Soccer Football

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SKU: 1560

Elevate your game with the NOVWELL Official Size Soccer Ball. Regulation quality for a thrilling play. Get yours for an unbeatable experience on the field.


NOVWELL Official Size Soccer Ball: Elevate Your Game

Introduction: Unleash your passion for soccer with the NOVWELL Official Size Soccer Ball, crafted to Olympiad sports standards. This Regulation Size Football promises an exciting play experience, meeting the demands of both amateurs and seasoned players.


  • Size and Weight: Designed as a Size 5 Regulation Ball with standard weight for optimal performance.
  • Material: Constructed with high-quality materials for durability and precision.
  • Features: NOVWELL Football excels in playability, making it the Standard Soccer Ball Size for enthusiasts.

Kick off your matches with confidence using this soccer ball designed for play. The Standard Weight Soccer Ball ensures accurate shots and passes. Whether you’re in Amman or anywhere in Jordan, experience the thrill of the game with our NOVWELL soccer ball.

In summary, the NOVWELL FootBall is more than just a Regulation Size ball; it’s a companion for your soccer journey. Elevate your game, play with precision, and embrace the spirit of Olympiad sports with every kick.

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