HJKB Clear View 180° Dive Mask

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Dive into breathtaking underwater vistas with our Panoramic Diving Mask. Dual-tube design, anti-fog technology, and a detachable camera stand for an unparalleled aquatic adventure.


Immerse yourself in the extraordinary with our “Panoramic Diving Experience Mask.” Designed for Olympiad sports enthusiasts, this full-face snorkel mask guarantees an unparalleled aquatic encounter.

Panoramic Vision Technology:

Unveil a new world beneath the waves with our Full View Snorkeling Mask. The 180° Underwater Vision Gear ensures you won’t miss a moment of the mesmerizing Amman marine life.

Advanced Dual-Tube Design:

Enhance your underwater journey with the Dual-Tube Scuba Face Mask. Experience effortless breathing through independent airflow channels, providing comfort and extended exploration time.

Anti-Fog Clarity:

Say goodbye to obscured views with the Anti-Fog Full Face Snorkel. Navigate the depths with confidence as the mask ensures crystal-clear visibility, even in Amman’s diverse underwater conditions.

Camera-Ready Innovation:

Capture your aquatic escapades effortlessly with the Camera-Ready Dive Mask. The detachable camera stand allows you to record every vivid detail of your underwater adventures.

Comfortable and Secure Fit:

Crafted with silicone edges, our Clear Vision Underwater Gear guarantees a leak-free and comfortable experience for both adults and children. Choose from three convenient sizes for the perfect fit.


Embark on your underwater odyssey with confidence, equipped with the ultimate Panoramic Diving Experience Mask. Whether exploring the depths of Jordan’s waters or participating in Olympiad sports, this mask ensures a clear, fog-free, and secure adventure every time.



  • Material: PC + silicone.
  • Weight: 1.109kg.
  • Size: 25x18x12cm.



  • 1 * Diving Mask.
  • 2 * Black Earplugs.
  • 1 * Screw Sets.
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