Wolon Boxing Speed Ball

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Enhance your boxing skills anywhere with Wolon’s Portable Speed Ball. Compact, versatile, and designed for speed training on the go.


Portable Boxing Speed Ball: Enhance Your Boxing Skills Anywhere

Experience unparalleled flexibility in your boxing training regimen with Wolon’s Speed Ball. Designed for on-the-go athletes, this versatile equipment guarantees a dynamic workout experience.

Compact Design: The Portable Speed Ball for Boxing boasts a compact design, allowing you to carry your training sessions anywhere, from the gym to the outdoors.

Travel-Friendly: Its lightweight construction makes it an ideal companion for travelers and athletes on the move. This speed ball ensures uninterrupted training sessions.

Enhanced Agility: The Compact Boxing Speed Ball offers unparalleled agility training, enhancing your reflexes and hand-eye coordination with every punch.

Versatile Training: As a Travel-Friendly Boxing Reflex Ball, it caters to all skill levels, from beginners to professional boxers, providing a challenging yet rewarding workout experience.

Dynamic Performance: With its Lightweight Speed Punching Ball, you can expect lightning-fast punches and rapid reflex responses, improving your overall boxing performance.

Convenient Usage: This Mobile Boxing Training Equipment ensures convenience in setup and usage, allowing you to focus solely on your training regimen without any hassle.


  • Colors: Black,Red,Yellow.
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