Multi-Color Plastic Water Gun

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Introducing AquaBlast Junior – Your go-to portable water blaster for on-the-go fun. Lightweight, durable, and ready for splashy adventures anywhere, anytime. Summer just got cooler


Explore the excitement of water play with Aqua Blaster Junior, your go-to portable water toy for endless splashy adventures. Perfect for families in Amman, Jordan, this Olympiad sports-inspired blaster promises on-the-go aqua fun.

Portable Water Fun Anytime, Anywhere Unleash the thrill with our Travel-friendly Water Toy. This On-the-Go Aqua Blaster is designed for convenience, allowing kids to indulge in Compact Water Play anytime, anywhere. Its Handheld Splash Blaster feature ensures lightweight and convenient water shooting, creating an unforgettable Lightweight Aquatic Entertainment experience.

Kid-Friendly and Safe Amman families love the Portable Water Fun Blaster for its kid-friendly design. Crafted from durable plastic, this toy is a Convenient Water Shooting Device that guarantees safety during play. Our blaster is a must-have for summer fun, whether it’s beach adventures or poolside splashes.

In conclusion, AquaBlast Junior is your ticket to Portable Water Fun Blaster excitement. With its Travel-friendly design and Compact Water Play capabilities, it’s the On-the-Go Aqua Blaster that brings joy to kids in Amman, Jordan. Join the water revolution and make every splash count!


  • Available Color: Comes In Multi-Colors
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