Teloon Pro-Durability Squash Balls Set

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Elevate your squash game with Teloon’s Premium Durable Squash Balls Set. Experience high-quality performance with our resilient and long-lasting rubber compound technology. Ideal for enthusiasts.


Premium Durable Squash Balls Set: Elevate Your Game

Teloon presents the Pro-Durability Squash Balls Set, designed for Olympiad sports enthusiasts in Amman and across Jordan. Our focus on quality ensures a premium squash experience.

High-Quality Resilience: Discover the excellence of our squash balls featuring a unique rubber compound. The Teloon Sports Gear Balls in this set promise high-quality resilience, catering to both beginners and seasoned players.

Long-Lasting Performance: Experience unmatched longevity with Teloon Squash Balls. Crafted with rubber compound technology, these balls offer long-lasting performance, making them ideal for intense squash matches in Amman.

Variety Pack Colored Squash Balls: The Teloon Squash Ball Set includes a variety pack with colored options—yellow, blue, and red. This Variety Pack of Colored Squash Balls adds vibrancy to your gameplay.

Teloon’s Commitment to Quality: Teloon’s commitment to quality extends beyond its products. Our Pro-Durability Squash Balls Set reflects Teloon’s dedication to providing top-tier sports gear for enthusiasts in Amman and across Jordan.


  • Set of 3 Balls.
  • Color: Red, Blue, Yellow (1 or 2 dot).
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