AKA Optimal Grip Size 3 Colorful Basketball

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AKA ProGrip Size 3 Basketball: Elevate your game with our premium indoor/outdoor ball. Superior grip, optimal control, and high-quality materials for the ultimate basketball experience.


Premium Size 3 Basketball

Discover excellence in basketball with the AKA ProGrip Size 3 Basketball, designed for Olympiad sports enthusiasts in Amman, Jordan.

Unleash your potential with our High-Quality Size 3 Ball, delivering superior grip and control for indoor and outdoor play. Crafted with top-grade materials, this Elite Size 3 Basketball ensures optimal performance and durability.

Experience the game at a new level with the Superior 3rd Size Basketball, featuring advanced grip technology. The AKA ProGrip stands as a Deluxe Size 3 Basketball, providing an exceptional playing experience for all ages.

Our ball, recognized as a Top-Grade Size 3 Basketball, guarantees enhanced control and is versatile for various game scenarios. Its optimal quality and construction make it a top choice for basketball enthusiasts seeking the best.

Elevate your game with the AKA ProGrip Size 3 Basketball – the epitome of excellence in basketball equipment. Join the Olympiad sports spirit in Amman, Jordan, and conquer the court with confidence.


  • Size: 3.
  • Material: Rubber.
  • Color: Blue / Green / Pink / Yellow / Dark Blue .
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