Stainless Steel Water Bottle 500ml With LCD Temperature Display

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Elevate your hydration with our 500ml Premium Smart Temperature Bottle. Stay refreshed on the go with this stainless steel, temperature-controlled flask – your perfect companion for any adventure.


Discover ultimate hydration with the ThermoGuard ProBottle 500, a premium smart temperature bottle designed for your active lifestyle in Amman, Jordan.

Premium Smart Temperature Control:

In the heart of Amman, stay refreshed with our Intelligent Thermal Flask technology. Experience high-quality smart hydration, ensuring your drink is always at the perfect temperature.

Cutting-Edge Design:

This temperature-controlled stainless steel bottle boasts a cutting-edge smart design, making it your go-to companion for Olympiad sports, cycling, camping, or any outdoor adventure.

Portable Smart Tech:

Our Smart Tech Insulated Drink Container is crafted for convenience. Take it to school, on a beach outing, or while cycling through Amman’s scenic trails. Your drink stays just as you like it.

Temperature Monitoring Anywhere:

Whether on a cycling expedition or a beach day, our Premium Temperature-Monitoring Water Bottle guarantees 24 hours of cold retention and 12 hours of hot retention.


  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Led Temperature Display.
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