Star Soft Touch Beach VolleyBall Size 5

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Elevate your beach volleyball game with the StarSoft Beach Volleyball. Experience premium softness and professional quality for unmatched play on the sandy shores.


Premium Soft Beach Volleyball: Elevate Your Game with High-Quality

Indulge in top-tier beach volleyball with the StarSoft, a high-quality soft sand volleyball designed for professional-grade play. Crafted to deliver a superior beach volleyball experience, this elite soft-touch volleyball ensures optimal performance on the sandy shores of Amman, Jordan.


Premium Softness and Durability:

The StarSoft Beach Volleyball boasts a double compound surface, offering a soft and flexible feel. Its durable construction withstands rigorous outdoor play, making it the ideal choice for Olympiad sports enthusiasts.

Professional-Grade Performance:

With reduced impact technology, this professional-grade beach ball ensures a comfortable yet competitive game. The enhanced grip contributes to better control, especially in Amman’s sandy conditions, providing athletes with the advantage they need.

Unmatched Quality and Design:

Featuring an official size and weight, the Premium Soft Beach Volleyball is a lightweight ball with a star-branded touch. The ball’s flexible surface, combined with its high-quality materials, makes it the go-to choice for beach volleyball enthusiasts seeking excellence.


  • Material: Composite Leather
  • Size: Official Size and Weight
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