10KG Rubber-Coated Iron Kettlebell

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Elevate your strength training with our Rubber Coated 10KG Kettlebell. Durable, encased design ensures floor protection and long-lasting performance during workouts.


Rubber Coated 10KG Kettlebell for Effective Workouts

In our fitness arsenal, the Rubber Coated 10KG Kettlebell stands out as a stalwart companion for strength training enthusiasts in Amman, Jordan. Crafted with durable rubber technology, this kettlebell ensures long-wearing performance and floor protection during intense workouts.


  • Material: Iron core with rubber coating
  • Weight: 10 kilograms
  • Design: Encased for durability and damage protection
  • Features:
    • Bump absorption for smoother movements
    • Perfect for traditional workouts and squat routines
    • Ideal for gym and home fitness setups
    • Provides a challenging workout for all skill levels

Enhanced Performance:

The Rubber Encased 10KG Kettlebell offers versatile fitness possibilities, catering to beginners and seasoned athletes alike. Elevate your squat workout and traditional exercises with this reliable gym gear. Whether at home or in the gym, its rubberized construction ensures a comfortable grip and minimizes the risk of slipping.


Invest in your fitness journey with our 10KG Kettlebell. Experience the resilience of rubber technology, ensuring your workout gear withstands the test of time.



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