LI NUO 20KG Fitness Rubber-Coated Fixed Dumbbell

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Enhance your home workouts with our Rubber-Coated 15KG Fixed Dumbbell. Durable, ergonomic design for effective strength training. Ideal for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts.


Rubber-Coated 15KG Fixed Dumbbell for Effective Strength Training

In Amman, Jordan, our Rubber-Coated 15KG Fixed Dumbbell is a top choice for home fitness enthusiasts. Offering durability and functionality, this dumbbell enhances your workout routine.

Benefits and Features:

  • Achieve effective strength training with Fixed Dumbbell.
  • The rubber-encased design ensures durability and prevents damage to floors or surfaces.
  • With a fixed weight of 15 kilograms, it’s ideal for various bodybuilding exercises.
  • The ergonomic grip provides comfort during intense workout sessions.
  • Our fixed dumbbell prevents rolling, enhancing safety during workouts.
  • The rubberized coating minimizes noise, perfect for home use without disturbance.
  • Incorporate the 15KG Weight Dumbbell into your fitness routine for noticeable results.
  • Weight: 15 kilograms
  • Coating: Durable rubber for protection and enhanced grip
  • Construction: Solid steel core for longevity and stability

Invest in our Dumbbell for an effective and convenient strength training experience in Amman, Jordan. Its durable construction, ergonomic design, and fixed weight make it an essential addition to your home gym setup.

Note: The Price For One Piece

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