20KG Fixed Weight Hex Rubber Dumbbells

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Elevate your strength training with our 20KG Hex Rubber Dumbbells. Ergonomic design, durable rubber coating, and knurled handles ensure comfortable and effective workouts.


Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells for Effective Strength Training in Amman

Welcome to our premium 20KG Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells, designed to elevate your fitness experience. These durable and comfortable dumbbells are perfect for Olympiad sports and group training sessions.

Rubber-Coated Hexagonal Dumbbells Features:

  • Rubber Coating: Prevents damage to surfaces and ensures durability.
  • Ergonomic Design: Hexagonal shape with contoured handles for a secure grip.
  • Knurled Handles: Provides a comfortable and non-slip grip during workouts.
  • Easy to Store: Non-roll design for convenient storage in any gym space.

Hex Rubber Dumbbells Specifications:

  • Weight: 20KG per dumbbell.
  • Material: Chrome steel handles with rubber coating.
  • Usage: Ideal for strength training, fitness equipment, and exercise routines.
  • Design: Hex shape for stability; suitable for professional and group training.

Enhance your fitness journey with these Hex Rubber Dumbbells. Olympiad sports or group training in Amman, these dumbbells are your reliable companions, combining durability with ergonomic design for a satisfying workout experience. Invest in quality fitness equipment for lasting results.

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