Flying Play Disk Plastic Frsibee

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Experience endless fun with our SafePlay LiteDisc. A lightweight and safe frisbee for outdoor play, perfect for family bonding in parks, beaches, and beyond.


Safe Lightweight Outdoor Frisbee

Discover the joy of outdoor play with our Safe Lightweight Outdoor Frisbee. This frisbee is meticulously designed for safety and enjoyment, catering to all age groups. Let’s explore the features that make it the perfect choice for family fun in Amman, Jordan, and beyond.


Safe Lightweight Outdoor Fun:

Unleash the thrill of Safe Disc, a secure lightweight disc for outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted for all ages, this frisbee ensures safety without compromising on the excitement of play.

Versatile Outdoor Play:

Ideal for parks, beaches, and beyond, our Outdoor Safe Frisbee for All Ages guarantees a fun-filled experience for families. Its lightweight design enhances portability, making it your go-to choice for outdoor activities in Amman and Jordan.

Quality Construction:

Crafted from lightweight plastic, this disc is more than a toy; it’s a flying companion. The Lightweight Plastic Flying Toy provides hours of entertainment, emphasizing safety, and durability.

Secure Play Anywhere:

Be it parks or beach outings, the Secure Outdoor Play Disc promises secure fun. Its design ensures a safe play experience, making it a portable frisbee suitable for parks and public spaces in Amman and Jordan.

Easy to Carry:

Experience the joy of Safe Portable Frisbee for Parks. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, promoting spontaneous play wherever you go.

Beach-Ready Entertainment:

The Lightweight Beach-Ready Flying Disc takes beach play to new heights. Enjoy the sun, sand, and secure outdoor entertainment with our frisbee designed for beach-loving families.

In conclusion, Safe Play Lite Disc combines safety, portability, and fun, making it the ultimate choice for families in Amman, Jordan. Elevate your outdoor play with this frisbee, designed to bring joy to every generation.


  • Color: Yellow / Red/ Orange/ Blue
    Note: Price For One Piece
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