SafetyLite Portable Life Ring 24″

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SafetyLite Portable Life Ring 24″ is a lightweight, 1.2kg lifesaving device, perfect for rivers and beaches. Easy to carry, deploy, and ensures safety wherever you go.


Portable Safety Life Ring

SafetyLite Portable Life Ring 24″: Your Lightweight Lifesaver

Introduction: Ensure safety on the waters with the SafetyLite Portable Life Ring 24″. Designed for versatility and easy deployment, this 1.2kg lifesaving device is a must-have for water enthusiasts in Amman.


Portable Design for On-the-Go Safety: Lightweight and easy to carry, the SafetyLite Life Ring is ideal for personal and commercial use. Its portable design ensures quick deployment in various water scenarios.

Reliable and Efficient: Crafted with reliability in mind, this safety life ring is suitable for rivers, beaches, and any water environment in Amman. The reflective tape enhances visibility for swift rescue operations.

Versatile Deployment with Reflective Tape: The included reflective tape makes this life ring suited for rivers and beaches, ensuring visibility even in low-light conditions. Its unique shape and wide side walls maximize playroom during rescue operations.


  • External Diameter: 56cm
  • Internal Diameter: 35cm
  • Thickness: 9cm
  • Weight: 1.2kg

Ample Playroom for Maximum Safety: The SafetyLite Portable Life Ring provides ample playroom, making it effective for swift and safe rescue operations.

Conclusion: Stay prepared and ensure safety on the waters. Versatile, lightweight, and reliable — your lifeline for aquatic adventures in Amman. Order yours now!

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