Seals Dive Set Swimming Mask with Breathing Tube

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Dive confidently with the Seals Swim Mask Set. Enjoy crystal-clear underwater views and easy breathing. Perfect for adventurous snorkeling and exploring aquatic wonders.


Seals Snorkel Mask Set: Dive into Aquatic Excellence

Discover unparalleled underwater experiences with the Seals Snorkel Mask Set, an Olympiad sports gear designed for snorkeling enthusiasts.



1. Seals Snorkel Mask Kit: Enjoy a full 180° panoramic view, allowing you to explore the beauty of the aquatic world effortlessly.

2. Snorkeling Set by Seals: The flexible foot pocket and closed ankle provide extra support, enhancing your underwater comfort and stability.

3. Swim Mask and Snorkel Bundle: Breathe comfortably through your nose or mouth, thanks to the innovative design, promoting a natural and relaxed snorkeling experience.

4. Seals Diving Mask and Tube: Improve leg strength and foot flexibility as you navigate the depths with ease.

5. Snorkel Gear Set from Seals: Crafted from top-quality silicone rubber, ensuring durability and a secure fit for all your underwater adventures.

6. Seals Swimming Mask with Breathing Tube: Maintain a quicker swim pace and optimal body position, making every underwater journey an exhilarating and enjoyable excursion.


Elevate your snorkeling escapades with the Seals Swim Mask Set. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Amman’s aquatic realm with confidence and unparalleled clarity.


  • Colors: Pink/ Blue/ Yellow.
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