Speedball Smart Rebound Punching Stand

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Elevate your boxing skills with our Smart Boxing Rebound Trainer. Train smart, improve accuracy, and enjoy interactive workouts. The future of boxing training is here.


Product Description: Smart Boxing Rebound Trainer

Introduction: Welcome to the future of boxing training with our Smart Boxing Rebound Trainer. This revolutionary system combines cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interactivity, making it ideal for enthusiasts and seasoned boxers alike.

Features and Specifications

Smart Training System (H3) Our Smart Boxing Rebound Trainer boasts a revolutionary intelligent rebound system. It accurately measures punch intensity and tracks strike direction, tempo, and accuracy, providing real-time feedback. Your training sessions become more dynamic and personalized, making skill improvement accessible to all.

Adjustable Rebound Speed (H3) With adjustable rebound speeds, this boxing ball caters to your skill level and preferences. The hard alloy springs respond reliably to powerful strikes, bouncing back up to 180° after every hit, ensuring a consistent training routine.

Interactive Training Sessions (H3) Our interactive app enhances your training experience. Access personalized online courses, some of which are free, and learn fundamental strikes and defensive techniques. Engage in game modes that elevate your boxing skills and challenge friends for higher scores.

Conclusion: In Amman, Jordan, our Boxing Rebound Trainer transforms your boxing experience. It’s a user-friendly and effective system for enthusiasts and professionals, ensuring engaging and skill-enhancing workouts. Experience the future of boxing training today.

  • Adjustable height from(100cm-130cm).
  • Made of Polyurethane foam.
  • Easy to fill sand.
  • Curtain design ideal for speed.
  • reflex training.
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