Versatile Soft Plastic Inflatable Beach Vollyball

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Elevate your playtime with our SoftPlay VersaBall – a safe, versatile, and lightweight plastic volleyball suitable for all ages. Perfect for indoor and outdoor fun!


Soft Plastic Volleyball Fun: Your Ultimate Indoor and Outdoor Companion


Unleash the fun with our SoftPlay VersaBall, an Olympiad sports-inspired lightweight plastic ball suitable for kids, teens, and adults. Perfect for family-friendly sports in Amman, Jordan.

  • Specifications:

– Lightweight and Safe:

Crafted from a delicate material, our SoftPlay VersaBall ensures safe play for all ages during indoor and outdoor activities.

– Versatile Entertainment:

This versatile soft ball offers multiple uses, from family-friendly sports to delightful games, making it an ideal choice for kids, teens, and adults alike.


Soft Plastic Volleyball Fun:

Experience the joy of our SoftPlay VersaBall. Its delicate material guarantees safe play, while its versatile design caters to various indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Safe Family-Friendly Sports:

Enjoy worry-free playtime with this lightweight plastic ball, designed for safe and family-friendly sports, creating lasting memories for everyone.

Delicate Material Playtime:

Our SoftPlay VersaBall ensures a gentle and enjoyable playtime experience with its delicate yet durable material, suitable for all ages.

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