Speedo Swimming Silicone Competition Nose Clip

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Speedo Silicone Nose Clip ensures a secure fit for professional swimmers. Waterproof and adjustable, this competition gear enhances performance, making it a must-have for swim training


Discover the ultimate swimming companion with the Speedo Silicone Nose Clip, designed for professional swimmers in Amman, Jordan. This high-performance gear offers unmatched comfort and security.

Speedo Silicone Nose Clip:

A Swim Essential Achieve unparalleled comfort with the Speedo Silicone Nose Clip. This adjustable swim nose plug ensures a secure fit, giving professional swimmers the confidence to push their limits in competitions.

Designed for Racing Excellence Our racing silicone nose clip is meticulously crafted for competitive swimmers seeking waterproof competition gear. Its non-slip design and melded silicone structure provide the edge needed for top-tier races in Amman.

Professional Swim Gear for Every Stroke Embrace the next level of swim training with this professional swim gear. The secure fit nose guard enhances hydrodynamics, making it a staple for swimmers looking to optimize performance in every stroke.

Secure Fit, High-Performance Advantage Speedo’s waterproof competition nose clip guarantees a secure fit, allowing swimmers to focus solely on their performance. The nose guard is a versatile and essential accessory for those passionate about achieving professional excellence.

Elevate your swim with Speedo’s high-performance swim accessory, offering a secure fit and unmatched comfort. Whether you’re training or competing in Amman, Jordan, this nose clip is the key to unlocking your aquatic potential. Dive into excellence with Speedo.

  • Protector exclusive portable protective case.
  • Washable and hygienic.
  • Frame: 100% stainless steel | coating: 100% latex.


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