Liphs Diving Swim Training Hand Paddle With Adjustable Strap

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Maximize your swim training with LIPHS AquaFlex Paddles. Designed for all ages, these hand paddles ensure an effective upper body workout, enhancing strength and performance.


Swim Paddle Training Gear for Effective Workouts

LIPHS introduces Swim Paddle Training Gear, an innovative solution for swimmers of all ages in Amman, Jordan, seeking to enhance their upper body strength and overall performance.

Dive into a new level of swim training with our Paddles. Crafted for efficiency and comfort, these Swim Training Hand Paddles are a must-have for beginners, teenagers, and adult swimmers.

Experience Swimming Strength Development:

  • Designed to target back, chest, arms, and shoulders, promoting comprehensive muscle development.
  • Water Resistance Paddle Training ensures an engaging and challenging workout.
  • Muscle Building Swim Gear that maximizes the benefits of water flow resistance.

Paddle Gear for Swimmers of All Ages:

  • Tailored for kids, teenagers, and adults, offering a personalized training experience.
  • Effective Swim Paddle for upper body strength development in every stroke.

LIPHS Paddles stand out as Effective Swim gear, facilitating a dynamic and engaging workout routine. Elevate your swim training experience with these expertly crafted hand paddles, available in Amman, Jordan.


  • Colors: Green/ Yellow/ Grey (with blue cords)
  • Size: L /M /S
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