Double Fish V40+ High-Quality Endurance Ping Pong Table Tennis Ball

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Elevate your game with our Durable Table Tennis Ball. Crafted for pro-level performance, it ensures longevity, making it the ideal choice for serious table tennis enthusiasts.


Welcome to the world of precision and endurance with our Durable Table Tennis Ball. Designed for Olympiad sports and players in Amman, Jordan, this ball stands out among the rest.

Performance Beyond Limits:

Crafted with advanced technology, this resilient ping pong sphere ensures a longer-lasting table tennis experience. The sturdy table tennis orb guarantees pro-level play, meeting the demands of enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Robust Construction:

Our robust ping pong ball is synonymous with durability. Its long-lasting table tennis spheroid structure delivers consistent bounce and spin, offering players a competitive edge. This enduring ping pong globe is the ideal choice for those who seek excellence on the table.

Tough and Reliable:

The tough table tennis ball is a testament to its reliability. Suitable for Olympiad sports, it embraces the challenge, providing unmatched quality in every match. Elevate your game with this enduring companion, designed for success in Amman, Jordan, and beyond.


  • Material: ABS
  • Perfect for: training in schools, clubs ect.
  • Safe, Non-flammable
  • ITTF approved for international competitions.
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