Liphs UV-Fog Shield Swimming Goggles

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Dive confidently with LiphGuard UV-Resistant Anti-Fog Goggles. Unisex design, adjustable strap, and advanced UV protection for clear vision in every swim. Experience the best swim eyewear.


UV-Resistant Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles: Dive with Clarity

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our UV-Resistant Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles. Crafted for Olympiad sports enthusiasts in Amman, Jordan, these unisex swim goggles redefine your underwater experience.


UV-Resistant Clarity: Our goggles feature an advanced UV-resistant lens design, ensuring optimal eye protection against harmful sun rays. Whether you’re in Amman or the heart of Jordan, enjoy clear vision in any aquatic environment.

Anti-Fog Innovation: Experience a fog-free swim with our cutting-edge anti-fog technology. The lens design guarantees a crystal-clear view, allowing you to focus on your performance during Olympiad sports activities.

Adjustable Comfort: Designed for comfort, the silicon adjustable head strap provides a secure fit for every swimmer. Unisex and suitable for all, our goggles offer a personalized and snug experience.

In conclusion, LiphGuard UV-Resistant Anti-Fog Goggles set the standard for swim eyewear. Dive confidently into Olympiad sports with the assurance of UV protection, anti-fog innovation, and adjustable comfort, no matter your location in Amman or across Jordan.


  • Anti-fog lens design.
  • Silicon adjustable head strap.
  • U.V protection.
  • Color: Blue / Black.


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