Fat-Burning Exercise Stationary Bike

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Our Fat-Burning Exercise Stationary Bike is perfect for weight loss and fitness. Ideal for fitness centers, rehabilitation clinics, or home use in Amman, Jordan.


Enhance your fitness journey with our Weight Loss Stationary Bike. This top-of-the-line Exercise Bike is designed to help you shed unwanted pounds and improve your overall health. Its built-in computer offers integral workouts, including hill climbing and a special fat-burning mode, making every session effective and engaging.

This Fat-Burning Exercise Stationary Bike is equipped with pulse sensors that monitor your heart rate, ensuring you stay within a safe range during intense workouts. As you pedal, it not only aids in weight management but also strengthens your core muscles and enhances blood circulation in the pelvic region.

Durable and reliable, this Exercise Weight Loss Bike is suitable for fitness centers, recreation areas, rehabilitation clinics, and home use. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals in Amman, Jordan.

Product Specification:

  • Integral workout programs, including hill climbing and fat-burning mode
  • Pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring
  • Core muscle development
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Suitable for fitness centers, rehabilitation clinics, and home use
  • Ideal for weight management and fitness goals in Amman, Jordan
  • Dimensions: L(101cm), W(59cm), H(140cm).
  • Weight: 35kg.
  • Maximum user weight: 130kg.
  • Magnetic-controlled exercise bike.
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